Stable version

Most of the popular Linux/*BSD distributions have ncmpcpp in their repositories, so it can be easily installed with your package manager.

Alternatively, you can download the latest stable version here and compile and install it manually (note that if you’re using a binary distribution such as Ubuntu, you will need to install several *-dev packages for the compilation step). After you’ve downloaded and unpacked the code, run ./configure in the main directory (./configure --help to inspect available configuration options) and when it passes, make and make install.

After you’re done with the installation, grab default configuration and bindings, tailor them to suit your needs and have fun!

Tip: after you start the application, press F1 to switch to help screen that lists all the available actions along with their key bindings.

Development version

If you like to get the newest features quickly or you would like to contribute to ncmpcpp, you should get live development version from the git repository. It’s usually pretty stable, although may be a little rough around the edges.

The main repository is at Alternatively you can use one of the mirrors:

The steps to install are the same as for the stable version with the exception of having to generate configuration scripts by running ./ in the main directory.